“Brilliant Care is extremely responsive to abnormal readings, excellent customer care. This program is very beneficial for hard to control hypertensive and diabetic patients.”

Dr. Sue Sindhwani

Internal Medicine Associates of Reston

“The Brilliant Care service is very straightforward and low maintenance.”

Beverly Bayer, NP

Jay Tyroler, MD

“This program is very helpful in getting non-compliant patients under control.”

Dr. Mark Mahoney

Mahoney Family Medicine

“I find the blood pressure readings very helpful. Patients like the real-time feedback they receive if their readings fall outside a safe range.”

Dr. Monique Langtson

Monique Langston & Associates

Physician Leaders

Dr. David West

MD Chairman Clinical Performance Committee, Privia Mid-Atlantic

“Brilliant Care’s team engages well with patients.”

Dr. Raj Dua

Partner, Centennial Medical Group Medical Director, Aledade

“I appreciate the responsiveness and personalized touch Brilliant Care provides to practices, providers, staff, and patients.”

Dr. Shishir Khetan

Board of Governors, Privia Medical Group Mid-Atlantic

“This program has allowed our care centers to make more timely adjustments to our patient’s care plan to achieve better control of their blood pressure and glucose.”


Katie Nunn, MBA


“The Brilliant Care team is very friendly and responsive to us and our patients. We love that!”

Connor Ferguson

Managing Partner, Centennial Medical Group

“I appreciate how easy Brilliant Care makes it for our Providers and staff. Since Brilliant Care works directly in our EHR, it makes it easy to refer patients, receive and review data, provide timely responses to escalations, and know when to schedule meaningful follow up appointments with patients who need it. Not only have we seen an improvement in patient’s health, but patient feedback has been positive. Patients like having a personal nurse and a device that is easy to use and automatically transmits their readings. If a Practice is looking for a way to expand their care team, without the added payroll expense, have better patient engagement, and improve clinical performance, I highly recommend partnering with Brilliant Care.


Constance S.

“I love the reminder calls at 10:00 AM. Quite frequently this is what keeps me on track of taking my blood pressure.”

Susan G.

“It's very convenient to have my readings sent automatically to Brilliant, so I don't have to keep track of the numbers myself.”

Delle S.

“ This is the first time I've been able to see my blood pressure fluctuating. I never knew my blood pressure was a problem until this program. I love that my Brilliant Care nurse acts quickly.”

Raymond B.

“I love the convenience of being able to take my blood pressure wherever I travel and the freedom of taking it when I want to take it.”

Timothy H.

“I like how easy the device is to use, and I always have good encounters with my nurse.”

Anne S.

“I appreciate the calls I get from my nurse throughout the week when my blood pressure fluctuates. I am fascinated with the program!”


Supportive Company

"I have had many roles in the healthcare industry, nothing beats the nurse access Brilliant Care offers to their patients. There are more frequent touchpoints and an overall higher education. (could be something as simple as eating habits or not understanding medicine intake instructions) As a company, they support and motivate us, and that environment helps in relaying that care into helping our patients as best we can."

Nurse Care Lead

Smooth Teamwork

"Brilliant Care did a brilliant job vetting the right people for their cause. It facilitates smooth functioning within the company since we all place a premium on giving each patient an individualized touch. It makes it possible for us to navigate our patients’ questions and concerns and provide timely responses to both patients and providers." 

Nurse Care Lead

Caring Environment Creation For Patients

"I love that I can connect more with my patients, their families, and their lives, and be a part of creating a caring environment around them. It ensures that the whole person is taken care of, which leads to them having confidence in me and provides me with greater insight into improving their health."  

Nurse Care Coordinator

Patient Advocacy

"The best part is knowing that I am an advocate for my patients and that they count on me to care for them and guide them once they are out of the hospital. I am there for any questions they might have about signs and symptoms and keeping their blood pressure and glucose within the controlled range. Every day strengthens my belief that I am making a difference."

Nurse Care Coordinator

Innovative & Game-changing Transitional Care Management (TCM) Program

"In-office visits to doctor’s offices and ERs usually result in minimal follow-up since they are short-staffed. As a nurse at Brilliant Care, I get to be more persistent and have more outreach opportunities. I get to be an accessible extension of my patient’s doctor’s office. Our innovative work in transitional care management is going to be a game-changer to further enhance preventive care after hospital discharge"  

Lead Nurse (TCM)