Access Means Care.

Care Means Outcomes.

Outcomes Means Everything.


Control Of Chronic Disease

Medication Adherence

Take a Proactive Approach to Executing Your Pop Health Strategy.

In a perfect world, moving the needle on population health is easy. Focus on at-risk patients not just in the exam room but once they go home. Reality isn't perfect, however. Most healthcare organizations lack the staff and resources to give patients the access required to get timely results.

Our services are designed to accelerate outcomes without adding financial risk or administrative burdens, including :

  • Post Discharge Care
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Annual Wellness Visits

But these are tools. It's really the passionate healthcare team we've assembled in combination with our proactive, integrated, turnkey approach that sets us apart. By expanding the exceptional care you provide within the exam room once your patients are home, we enable access. Access that transforms insights into outcomes. Let us be a partner in your success.

Learn more about our proven approach, and review our performance results firsthand.

Post Discharge Care

Absence of ADT feeds, short time-frames, limited staff resources and scheduling constraints are just some of the post-discharge care challenges that even the best organizations face. Our turnkey approach to Transitional Care Management accelerates this process while leaving you free to focus on care within your organization.

Using a combination of best-in-class technology, compassionate, nurse-led outreach and excellence in execution, we give your patients what they need most: access. We'll engage patients in those critical days and weeks post discharge to make sure they are educated, supported, and have what they need to stay on track and follow up. The results speak for themselves.



TCM Scheduling Rates


on 10 Patient Satisfaction



Reduced 30-day readmissions

Chronic Disease Management

Despite your providers exceptional care in the exam room, there are a significant number of uncontrolled hypertensive and diabetic patients in every practice. You do your best to identify and treat these individuals, but changing patient behavior when they go home is the challenge. You need a proven solution that gives the patients access. A solution that transforms patient behavior and outcomes - without increasing costs or administrative burdens.

Brilliant Care's Nurse-Led Remote Chronic Disease Management can strike this critical balance. With value-based care approach and technology-enabled daily nurse care coordination, our turnkey services improve patient compliance outside the clinical setting, while reducing the total cost of care. In fact, our results are proven to make substantial reductions in both blood pressure and A1C.

Using our services incurs no additional cost or administrative action. We'll operate as a seamless, extended member of your care team. By keeping eyes and ears on your most at-risk patients, you have the timely, actionable data you need to make more informed care decisions.

Annual Wellness Visit

If you're like most organizations, Annual Wellness Visits are a core part of your patient satisfaction and chronic disease prevention strategy. But that doesn't mean staff have the time or resources to maximize scheduling and engagement.

Let Brilliant Care's experts take the reins. We'll help improve patient scheduling with this foundational element in Medicare's approach to healthcare.