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Our Story is About Better Outcomes by Improving Access.

Finding Purpose in Population Health.

As early providers in concierge medicine, Brilliant Care's founders significantly helped improve engagement, satisfaction and outcomes for their client's patients. But what they really wanted was a way to extend these benefits beyond patients who paid a fee.

After consulting with industry leaders, experts, partners and friends - they discovered a better path - a way to reach the most at-risk patients when and where it was needed the most - once the patient went home. The lack of access during this phase in the care regimen is the key challenge that negatively impacts even the best healthcare organizations today.

By combining a world class team with exceptional patient engagement strategies and their trademark disciplined execution, the founders discovered they could maximize improved outcomes for an organization's highest risk patients while reducing the total cost of care.

That Solution is Brilliant Care.

Every Successful Mission Requires an Exceptional Team.

To bring Brilliant Care's solutions to life, we needed the right experience and expertise. Our selection process is designed to find the highest performers and most passionate talent looking to make a difference. We then place them in positions within Brilliant Care where they can make the most impact for our clients. By following this process, our client's can rest assured they'll only be interacting with "A Game" talent.

Making Our Mission a Healthcare Mainstay.

Our purpose is to positively impact as many lives as possible. We achieve this through our unwavering operational excellence. By leveraging our deep industry experience, disciplined approach, and comprehensive follow through - we achieve paradigm changing results for our clients that are sometimes met, understandably, with skepticism. But make no mistake, the top tier metrics our solutions produce are attainable for every one of our clients.

Let us show you what a difference Brilliant Care makes.