Our ~90% Patient Compliance Delivers Exceptional Outcomes

It's All About Making a Positive Impact On Your Oragnization.

Nurse Access

  • Quality of care is in our DNA. Our dedicated nursing professionals are selected for their passionate, compassionate approach to patient care.

  • Our top-tier nursing team is in touch with patients every day, 365 days a year, so your patients will have access when and where they need it.

  • Extending your reach and enhancing your care: our AI powered technology and nursing team triage thousands of alerts per day for our clients!

Patient Engagement

  • Our high touch, concierge-style approach makes patients feel seen and heard, improving engagement. This is how we build trust.

  • Educating patients around their condition is essential. Our nurses coach patients about how to make smarter diet and lifestyle choices that get results.

  • Speaking of results, we then close the loop through surveys that capture the patient experience. At 9.4/10, we've set the bar high.

Clinical Outcomes

We are very disciplined about our performance to ensure our outcomes are meaningful:

  • Blood Pressure reduction of 22 mmHg 2/3rd controlled patients brought under control

  • HbA1c reduction of 2.56 2/3rd uncontrolled patient brough under control

  • Patient Satisfaction of 9.4 on 10

Access Means Care. Care Means Outcomes. Outcomes Means Everything.

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