Accelerate Pop Health Outcomes Without The Heavy Lift

Accountable Care Organization

When a VBC initiative comes along that can positively impact population health outcomes and costs, it's worth exploring. Thing is, the problem isn't within your providers' exam rooms; it's outside of them. It's what happens (or doesn't happen) with your highest-risk patients at home that's driving up the total cost of care. That's where you need to move the needle.

To do that, you need to give your patients greater access. Our solutions combines the right team with the right services and the right strategy, so they have that access. Without adding to your providers' costs and administrative burdens.

Brilliant Care offers proven solutions to bridge the gap between where you are and where you need to be. While services like our Post-Discharge Care and Chronic Disease Management are best-in-class, it's how we structure and implement them that get results. Instead of just looking good on paper, we're tried and tested.

Health Systems

Unwanted re-admissions and patient leakage— it's a major challenge within nearly every health system once the patient goes home. And the piece of the puzzle that eats into your margins the most.

So how do you engage the patient outside of the hospital to prevent unwanted 30-day readmissions while also improving patient keepage and network integrity? And how do you get them back into YOUR community care system when they really need it?

By giving them greater access.

Brilliant Care offers proven solutions to help patients adhere to their post-discharge care regimen without adding to your bottom line. Services like our Post-Discharge Care and Chronic Disease Management are staffed by a best-in-class healthcare team who are passionate about what they do. When combined with our tried and tested implementation strategy, our programs gets results.

Provider Groups

While your patients are in the clinical setting, you shine. It's once they go home that things change. That's where your most at-risk populations stray from your care regimen. How can you extend your excellent care outside the exam room without creating additional burdens or costs?

With Brilliant Care, our proven solutions improve access, which gets you improved results. Without adding to your bottom line or putting the onus of achieving this on your staff. Teamed by passionate healthcare professionals and implemented using our proven methodologies, services like our Post-Discharge Care and Chronic Disease Management deliver tried and tested results.

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