Improving Population Health is your mission. Making it happen is ours.

Who We Are

Improving access is the name of the game. With greater access you get greater outcomes. With greater outcomes you reduce population health costs and improve care. To do this, you need to extend care for your most at-risk patients outside of the exam room-without spending more than you save.

Brilliant Care can help. We've spent years building a world class team of healthcare professionals passionate about helping people. When combined with our proven implementation strategies, our program helps patients with chronic conditions more closely adhere to the care regimen you've set for them once they've gone home.

Let us take you from where you are to where you want to be.

What We Do For You

Accountable Care Organizations

Take control of what happens with your highest risk patients outside of the exam room.

Health Systems

Reducing patient attrition and unwanted readmissions is key to improving care and controlling costs.

We can move the needle in the right direction.

Provider Group

Your patients get home, they deserve the same best-in-class care they got in your exam room.

We can help.


Blood Pressure Reduction


HbA1c Reduction


Patient Satisfaction

Leading Healthcare Organizations Trust Brilliant Care

Why Brilliant Care for Pop Health Execution at Scale?


Nurse Access


Patient Engagement


Clinical Outcomes

Zero Costs


Reliable Execution

No Provider Burden

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